Your Isbell PTA is getting ready to reveal our Programs for the 2018/19 school year.


In the meantime here's a reminder of what we did last year:


Drum Café: Interactive, engaging, and high energy show that teaches the students communication through
music while incorporating character building and even math and geography. 
Frisco Fire Safety Clowns: Teaches students about electrical safety, smoke detector safety, helmet safety,
and device distraction while entertaining the students in a play by the Clowns during Fire Safety Week in
High Touch/High Tech: Through discovery style learning and inquiry based dialogue, the students will
engage in exciting STEM projects that will encourage them to explore the many wonders of science. These fun
and exciting science experiments will be tailored specifically for each grade. 
Dallas Mavs/Macs Man and Champ: Students visualize through character role play the consequences in a
very serious situation. Students participate by holding signs and chanting, "Just Say No!" Held During
Red Ribbon week in October. 
Nancy and Friends: Nancy, a successful author and ventriloquist, will focus on anti-bullying, respect,
kindness, responsibility, homework, and peer pressure while entertaining and captivating students.
Sky Dome Planetarium: Students enter the portable, inflatable planetarium and will learn about the stars,
the solar system, Greek mythological characters, and the night sky in different seasons from different global
Dr. Brandes, Hip Hop Educator: Dr. Blake will help students recognize their inherent power and encourage
them to develop leadership skills and take hold of their futures by sharing meaningful lessons,
comedic stories, and family-friendly raps.
Morris Brothers: To be held before State Testing for grades 3-5, the Morris Brothers will have a pep rally
and deliver an educational message in a humorous way via music, skits, comedy, and audience participation. 
Ocean Adventures: Using props, specimens, photographs, storytelling, and audience participation,
the students will experience actual expeditions exploring fascinating marine environments around the world.
In this presentation, The Norway Polar Bear Expedition, they will be exploring the habitat of the ice bear and
also search for other animals that are part of the Arctic Environment. 
Dennis Lee: A favorite tradition of Isbell Elementary, this ventriloquist, comedian, musician, author, and
inspirational speaker will entertain the students while delivering the message that everyone counts,
everyone matters, and everyone can make a difference. 



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