Get Involved — Volunteer!

When adults volunteer, all students benefit! There are many opportunities for parents and community members to get involved!  Your help is needed!  Complete the Volunteer Interest form and we will be in touch with you. 

 Additional Volunteer Opportunities:

We are looking for 3-4 volunteers who can commit 2-4 hours a month for helping Heather Woodward with shelving guided reading books. A schedule will be put together and sent out for the year.  Each volunteer will be assigned a week to serve and can come in during the school day any time that week to shelve. If interested please email Charissa Painter-Wang at: charissar_p@hotmail.com


The library would LOVE your help this year! We need help mainly with shelving books, but also help with creating various displays throughout the year. Please fill out the volunteer form on the library’s website and Mrs. Knapp with get back to you in the next few weeks with more information!  Library Google Form


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