Last year's Reflections work


We are so excited to announce the Reflections entries that were selected to advance to the next stage of judging!  We were overwhelmed with entries....a record number for Isbell!  We appreciate every student who took the time to create what was Within Reach and all of the submissions are valuable to us.  We thank everyone who participated and congratulate everyone for their hard work! It was a very hard decision and the judges took their time. Here are their selections:





Reflections Art Program—2017-2018



Reflections is a nation-wide PTA program offering students an opportunity to explore their artistic talents and express themselves.


Students preschool to high school can participate in Reflections. They do not need to be "amazing" artists in order to do well in the Reflections competition. Judging focuses on interpretation of the theme and creativity along with artistic merit.


Entries can advance from the school level, to state, to the national level.





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